Thursday, August 7, 2008

Presentation to Secondary Student...

SMK Putrajaya Persint 11, a very beautiful and greatly designed and lanscaped secondary school.

The 'guard tower' of SMK Putrajaya Persint 11.

I received a mission to go giving talk wor...

Walaoyeh... got 1000 students??!!?? I thought just a small class...

Luckily i am not the first to be presented...

Mejar Dr. Faiz B Khaleed, the second Malaysia's 'astronaut' make the first move~~

"Before i can manage to fly up to sky...I have to..."

"There are so many competitors were running, contending each other, physically, metally and souly..."

"At last, Mejar Dr. Sheikh Muzaffar and me reached to the Final. One day he saw.. i kissed and hugged his gf, and after 2 months of 'negotation', i've picked love, he chosen journey..."

Wao!! so many run to front to ask questionssss~~~ cemburu betul!!

Ops, Anwar's branded hand sign~ Dun play play, he already have reached Gred 52 but still look so childish.. budak-budakan, so cute!! like him very much. (If you know Government scheme, you should know how high rank is him..)

Opps.. Here come a 'funniest and cutiest' presenter... 'Chuang Kuang Hong...' wakakakaka.... Dun vomit ya~~

Hey you come up! You are not paying attention on me, I want to hit your butt!! Tell me your address, i go look for you mom!

If the ears is not for listening, why there are two? lol...

"Hey Mejar Dr. Faiz, just now you can present better de... You just need to..."

"No worry, just let me check how is his condition at this moment...."

"What the tuuu..., this is not a real patient??!!??" @_@"

Girl is Future!! Perempuan Pencerap Masa Hadapan...

Wa.. Want my signature pulak... You sure boh?? Er.... You got girl to intro to me ma? I am still and... always available.. :P

Some funny moment by the students...

Acting pro~~ Stuying... Gg-ed and pawned!!

Good luck to you all~~ Thanks anyway~~

With Love,

elims Chuang

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