Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anwar is arrested~

Arrested, AGAIN, time 12:05pm (from my friend who close to Parti Keadilan). The dateline given is 2:00pm 16/7/08, yet reach, but already being caught.

More information can be obtained here: Malaysiakini, Suarakeadilan.

Funny right? Yesterday he just debated with Shabery Ceek on the "Hari ini bentuk kerajaan, Esok turun harga minyak".

What will be happening next?

Demonstration? Peace Gathering? Road Block? Traffic Jam? Productivity decrease? Market Money flow slowing down? Supply-Demand imbalance? Economy worsen? Inflation increase? Expenses rise? Money value decline? Purchasing Power Drop?

So what? How?

Stay calm? and stay confident? hahaha~~

Prepare for more "interesting drama" showing up soon~ ^_^

Anwar Ibrahim arrested by polis dated 7 Februari 2002.

elims Chuang

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