Sunday, July 20, 2008

Whatever? Anything?

This can be seen in shopping complex.
Whatever? Anything?


Yes, this is a new brand of can drink. What so special of it?

If you see in the picture above, they are packed in six (6). There are actually contain of six (6) different flavour in each Anything or Whatever package. That mean total of twelve (12) different, unique flavour that you can try of.

You won't know at all what flavour you get when u pick it. Luck matters. ^_^


I like this concept very much. Which is the feeling of..... "Whatever.. Anything... also can....". Just like.. "cincai lah..."


Haha... Anyway, i did not buy it, cause it is considered as expensive drink. The 100 plus is only available at RM 1.30/tin.

Just go to shopping complex to find out more about this. (Go at weekend better, cause the promoter usually just work on weekend.)

With Love,
elims Chuang

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