Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kepong 甲洞瓦煲咖哩鱼头

Haha~!! it's time for us to look for a delicious food again!! Again, found something in Kepong Aman Puri Great Wall Food Court 长城美食中心.

Yeah.. Claypot Fish Head Curry 瓦煲咖哩鱼头~~ Special recommended by 8TV HoChak 好吃wor!! Hey faster take a seat la~!! see...boy boy and girl girl want to take our seat liao!
Just wait for around 10 minutes time, here its come~~!! Claypot Fish Head Curry 瓦煲咖哩头!! The quantity of fish, vegetables is a lot! Worth to try although on diet plan...T_T..
"hey, you continue take photo la, i finish it can de....."
As you can see at the above picture, the small one cost RM 9, follow by middle RM 13 (as ordered by us, it is more than enough already) and the XXL size cost RM 19. If you are just 2 person, please don't think that you have a big cow stomach and trying to call for the big one; if you insist to do so, ready plastic for "tapao" later...or vomit...lol..!!

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