Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cheapest Food in Kepong - RM 2 Foh Kuang Vegetarian Reastaurant

The restaurant located at Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 3, Kepong, KL.
(Opposite of Gasoline cafe)

Wao, the sign board also got shown the price of food??!!
Just start opening year 2008. And now it already extend the operation hour for Breakfast, Lunch and even Dinner. Not sure got supper later? ha..
Varieties of food you can eat here, all vegetarian one la~~
Not very big, no lenglui serving stuff, no air-conditioned, BUT definitely is very clean and neat.
To ensure your safety, no injury or death cause of fighting for food then, make sure u follow this sign. :)
Ya, good boy and good girl~
Wao!! RM 2 ??!! siao boh? (if you still need more rise in order to "keep fat", add on RM 0.50, you will sure become fat boy like me within 1 month)
Free sky juice, and tea. Take it as much as you can.
Feel bored, ok, take some "junk food" - RM 2.
Since there is no specific serving and cleaning table stuff, after you finish enjoying your meal, you need to throw the paper in dustbin and put back the "wooden bracket bow", spoon, fork and glass back accordingly.

What i feel is interesting is I notice that this shop's customers not only consist of Chinese, but Malay, Indian and Foreigner also come here to have their meal, unbelievable right?

Ya, that right! When talk about eat especially FREE of Cheap food, who's care who are you?

Dun remember to smile to the nearby friends, you will find that your meal will more delicious if you do that. :)

Coming up next: My stupid life.


ⓁⓊⓋ☁Yun☁ じ☆ve said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.

U just start blogging not long ago hor...keep it up..

blog more and more (^_^)

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

Thanks for your nice comment. I would try my best to put on more interesting post in future. Your comment is definitely bringing force to push me forward.


grace said...

rm2!! cheap la~ i wana try it~~ here...only got 2pound no rm2 >.<

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