Thursday, May 15, 2008

Breaking News: Rice & Oil~

Wooii.. Dun say i never teach you la, this is one of the MAIN contribution for you to become fatter and fatter but dun know why~~ (dun see me, i'm not too fat yet la... :p)
See how the price increase year by year lately la... It's suitable timing for you to consider keep fit now liao..
No worry, you are not alone one... Many has started their keep fit plan quietly when the rice keep on shooting up, they just dun tell you nia...
Anyway, if you cant find something to replace your daily rice meal, you are in risk becoming.... (nvm, still can smoke and drink coffee if you still can

Surprisingly, Petroleum is something that "appear naturally, automatically and largely" in almost all Islamic Country that believed to be blessed by Allah SWT.

Since human being is so confidently getting rich year by year, so with the price of everything... All want to be millionare, billionare, trillionare, squillionaire la..
Fuel is one of the primary element (after $$ and car) we need in order to drive us out for hunting, hooking, longkai-ing and keep warming our love~

If we cant able to explore the alternative timely to replace your vehicle's daily meal nowadays, then, dun surprise they will just end up exactly same like you...

~So, it's time for us to strike (dun know what to do also right? haha..)~

Maybe you can try to train yourself towards superman/supergirl liao..
"Everday can fly ... without wing and fuel"

If you fail to do that, the only person that can lend you hand is just GOD himself (only when you can find him and reach to him...) He stay in heaven, so you need to "kiao" first before you need to meet him personally.
^_^ Good luck everyone ^_^

Signed with Love,


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