Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blood Donation

Blood donation is a process by which a blood donor voluntarily has whole blood drawn for storage in a blood bank, generally for subsequent use in a blood transfusion. Donate blood indeed giving us benefit.
28/4/08 - my 15 times (if not mistaken) in blood donation. Since the service provide is so great, as my instinct I have written few words of feedbacks and suggestions for the National Blood Centre in KL. Unexpectedly, i receive a letter from them not more than 2 weeks after that day i donated. Feel so warm and glad.

So, it is my duty to spread this information, and not forgetting to urge all dear friends, please donate blood while you are "still allowed & able" to do so.

Ok, let me share something that people have common wrong impression or misunderstanding:
  • I may get VIRUS HIV infection through blood donation (This is very funny for me, because the donation process never use any needle repeatedly that may cause infection)
  • I'm lacking of blood (To determine you have sufficient blood or not is not you, but is doctor; and they will do proper test before start extracting your blood.)
  • I am very weak (You are only very weak in mind/mentality)
  • My blood is dirty (Ya indeed, you should clear your blood from time to time through donating out the dirty one)
  • My parent not allow me to do so (Are you requesting your parent permission before you start chasing a girl?)
  • I scare to become fat after donate (If you go to blood bank to see other donors, you will know you're wrong)
  • There already so many people donating their blood, no need for me to do so (Other people will meet "accident", you won't)
  • I always not enough sleep (Currently the sleeping hours has dropped to minimun 6 hours before you donate)
  • I have no time (Ya billionaire, i know you're pretty busy, sorry for disturbing)
  • I very scare to donate my blood (You know your are just about to help a person, but just... need a little bit courage, go go go)
  • Other excuses that keep you away from donating your blood (i suggest you to pray more often, keep finger cross for you)

You may change the world your little and simple help. Contact National Blood Centre if you have any doubt.

Thanks you.

With Love,
elims Chuang


BooNMiNG said...

yea.. good tat you clear up some doubts that the public might have.. :)

i'm the first in my family to donate blood!! :)

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

Ya, that good!

After donate for so many times, and get a lot of feedback from friends, i write this up as awareness.

Wish u can help deliver to your friends~

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