Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CIDB News - Mohd Salleh Buyong Passed Away

Dated 28/7/09, 3.30am.

En. Mohd Salleh Buyong

What a sad news. I cried.

I gonna miss you Dear Salleh Buyong. You are like our father in CIDB.

I never realize your words that keep repeating : 'kalau saya tiada nanti macam mana.........' was a hint for me to learn whatever in you asap.

Although you are such a knowledgeable person, but you still able to maintain your patience, passion and modestly. You truly gain my deepest respect.

Thank you for guiding me, sharing, teaching and analyzing problem, without any discrimination.
Rainbow was seen when we on the way to your house, this morning.

I believe, the sky cried for you.

I believe, this good sign shows how good and how much you had contributed to the people, society and nations.

(When Dalai-lama or Tibetan masters died, the rainbow will suddenly appear, indicating through their practices, who had reached a high degree of wisdom and compassionate. Perhaps, it is a ‘bridge’ connected to heaven?)

The application of Dacum System in developing National Occupation Skill Standard (NOSS), Course of Study, Modul and planning that you introduced have benefited lots.

Your simple and easy-understanding explanation, mean lots.

You listen, you understand, you feedback.

You observe, you supervise, you guide.

You share, you facilitate, you suggest.

You teach, you enlighten, you assist.

The moment we being together was short, but the impact you created is impossible for me to put in plain words.

I have no choice but to pray for you.

I sincerely apologize if there was thing I'd mistakenly done wrongly on you.

Rest in peace, Dear Salleh...

Love you forever!

With Love 因为爱,
elims Chuang 光宏


Ameline Ser 徐慧庭 said...

你在CIDB工作吗?我的公司恰巧是construction firm 。。常常都会与CIDB depth 处理一些事务咯。。你在KL office工作吗?

elims Chuang 光宏 said...



CH Voon said...

mmm sad to hear that....

he will rest in peace....

take care!

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

Thanks for your words. =)

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