Saturday, February 21, 2009

Once enter there is no turning back....

Hi people !!

Lets check something out. (pic can be right click --> open link in new tab for bigger view)

no. thats not me - and dont focus on the most top line

All I want to say is in this March issue.....

thats me !! Number 2 in this page. Well there are total of 20 friends but I am only scanning this page

I want to thanks Men's Health for giving me chance to join this program. Emm, I am not pointing any fingers, just want to highlight to my readers that....

I AM NOT 33 YEARS OLD !! for some marketing reason(I guess) they decided to add 9 years to my age. actually its printing error.

and 1 more thing - the comment was not mine. My comment actually when to the wrong Nicholas (just beside me)

well.... - no one say printing is 100% perfect

Today module is meet & greet and fitness accessment. Oh my god, its embarressing that the result is a bit disappointing to me

a bit and pieces here and there, and total body % of 24% i have a lot to catch up!!

the normal healthy human body fat should be less than 20%. well well well....

anyway today is a tiring day - u are require to rotate of 5 stations and there is a time going to see how (supposingly) good are you in fitness hahahaha

lunch was sponsored by Sakae Sushi and drinks were sponsors by Tropicana or Tropikana Twisters ( sorry if i got it wrong !)

Well, the venue is held in Bangsar Villiage 2 Celebrity Fitness. They provide us with a 6 month passport and as well as a good gym bag, but to me its too small hahahah

Next module will be Nutrition - well, see you all again soon

Hope I can see less body fat in myself and ....more goodies? HEHEHE

1 comment:

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

walaoyeh dear~~

You are so so fit leh!! become more handsome jor!!

Funny that typing error..lolx..

FYI, we will be having a climbing program (unofficial one la..) within our friend, you wanna join us ma?

No special registration needed, a group of open friendly people together go panjat gunung, at Kuala Kubu.

You can bring gf, children, etc..haha

Let me know ya.


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