Monday, February 23, 2009

Coming up, Kuala Kubu Trip, Join us?

Anyone out there wish to join us? 自费,不须填报名表格的。。哈哈。。

Date: 28/2/09 (Saturday)
Time depart: 6:30 am
Estimate time arrive: 8:00 am
Estimate time back: 3:00 pm

Payment: By your own, no specific organizer.haha..
Transport: By your own, contact me if you need assistance. We got quite number of driverss.haha.

Any condition: ONLY for boy and girl!!?? 要不然?
Objective: Eat, Drink, Play, Happy 轻松就好~
Activities: Waterfall Chilling, Jungle Tracking, Perhaps some specially on-the-spot-designed games..haha.. 看有没有灵感咯,嘿嘿!

Here is some blog writting about their experience about Kuala Kubu Trip, have a look:
1. Life of Raymond
2. Addin-Dexire
3. Oxygen Avenue
4. All the world's a stage

Hopefully we can meet sexy girlss there... @_@"

If you interested, contact me ya。

With Love,
elims Chuang

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