Monday, February 9, 2009

CNY scedule

Its almost come to the end of the 2009 CNY celebration.

Here were some brief activities that i've gone through this few weeks.

17/1/09 (Saturday) - After the CNY Gathering at New Paris, we continued having fun at pub (forget what name of that pub liao.. TT) Here are some are the photos.

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Top from left: 黄汉勤,李夏震,宗煌
Down from left: 方宗良,黄培欢,刘丽旋

Yeah, sponsored by our Boss, Mr. Liew 刘德华 (Standing 4th from left)。

22/1/09 (Thursday) - My dear's boss from hongkong, Mr. Ricky came to Malaysia. Announcing her company would shut down after April. 可以准备收工咯。。哈哈~~

Eat at JinJang YaLong 亚龙餐馆。(伟良-后右)

Good Luck Mr. Ricky.

24/1/09 (Saturday) - Gathering with SiawLing's Family at Kofuku at Seri Pacific Hotel next to PWTC, KL.

Variety of Food.

The Manager of Kofuku, friendly, negotiable and steady, Zul.

25/1/09 (Sunday) - 30th Night, 三十晚, dinner gathering for all family members at Buloh Kasap, Segamat.


庄辉源(左), 庄芷心(右)

26/1/09 (Monday) - 1st day, 初一, Gathering at Segamat Baru.

27/1/09 (Tuesday) - 初二, 昔华校友会联合总会大团拜, gathering for old frens before ...

keep on eat eat and eat...

Going around... flash back the moment 40 years ago..

29/1/09 (Thurday) - 31/1/09 (Saturday) - Melaka Trip with My Dear's beloved family..

At Melaka Town..

From Left: 龙慧,晓玲,晓玲爸爸,晓玲妈妈,晓清,小玲表妹

Together we standing on same land..

Hihi~~ Just to say hi~~

Go Visit Kuang Kuang new house.

Take a family shot at Hotel~

31/1/09 (Saturday) - 2/2/09 (Monday) - SiawLing's papa visited Segamat.

Eating at 南洋, which is the best coffee shop one time ago, but still taste nice when we went eating there. =)

Homemade Steamboat, healthy food. hehe..

Eating at Pizza Hut, Segamat.

After Pizza, go Jalan-jalan around Segamat Town...

8/1/09 (Sunday) - Gathering at 老妈子Steamboat Restaurant.

Awee come back to Malaysia... Give face lor.. kidding la.haha~~

Shi Han and Gf + friends~

After dinner, went to Taik Hwa house for gambling!! lolx..

Such a Nice Chinese New Year had gone through... Thanks family and friends that had take part in painting my beautiful life~~ Thanks thanks~~ ^_^

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