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Malaysian Marrow Donor Registry (MMDR) 大马骨髓捐献注册

昨天在面子书被友人宗良通知有关一位女士急需要人捐献骨髓. 讯息如下:

[关丹一位三个孩子的母亲-黄慧敏 32岁 ,不幸患上血癌,急需移植适合的骨髓。请联络:0169409871 (慧娜,慧敏妹妹) ,0169331226(文林)。有意捐献者可到Institute Medical Rearch (IMR), Jalan Pahang. 请大家帮忙把这信息传达出去 ]

在联络了慧娜后,证实这是真人真事. 但由于不太了解捐献骨髓的方式,平常都听说别人很可怕的,不知如何能帮到她.


原来除了所谓可怕的手术以取出适当的骨髓之外 (Bone Marrow Aspiration),现今也发明了另一种较为让人放心的方式,称之为Aferesis. 这在2006推行的先进科技(过程像抽血般)其实是抽出健康捐献者的stem cell以培植成为骨髓再置入病人体内.

了解过后,我也加入骨髓捐献注册名单,注册过程非常简单,只需约15分钟(官员解释+填表格+抽10 ml血).





Each year 100++ of Malaysian suffer from diseases treatable with bone marrow transplantation. Various types of leukaemia, aplastic anaemia, Thalassemia, Lymphoma can be treated with bone marrow transplantation. Unfortunately many patients die before they can find a compatible donor.

What is bone marrow?
Bone marrow is the tissue found in the cavaties of the bones. Bone marrow produces all of our blood cells.

What is bone marrow transplantation?
A bone marrow transplant is the replacement of the patient's diseased bone marrow with the marrow of healthy, matched donor. Within few weeks, the transplanted marrow will begin to produce normal blood ells in the patient.

How is a marrow matched?
A special test in used to identify proteins called HLA (Human Laukocyte Antigen) found on the surface of the patient's white blood cells. A bone marrow match occur when the 6 HLA antigens found on the patient's white blood cells match the 6 HLA antigens found on the potential donor's white blood cells.

Who can join the registry?
Age 18-50, healthy and eligible to give blood.

Step for Donation:
1. Join the registry at Malaysia Marrow Donar Registry (MMDR), located in Institute for Medical Research (IMR) , Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur. Next to Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. A MMDR representative will brief you on the process. You will have to complete a questionare. You will requested to provide a small blood sample to determine your tissue type. All donor information is confidential.

2. If you're identified as a potential match for the patient, you will be contacted for further testing

3. You will receive further information about the donation process and will undergo a physical examination to determine health status

4. You decide whether to donate or not

5. If you've decided to donate, a small amount of marrow will be removed from pelvic bone. Your marrow will replenish itself within 4-6 weeks.




With Love 因为爱,
elims Chuang 光宏


cHrIstInA_YY said...

Thanks for the information! Now I get to understand more about bone marrow donation ;)

CH Voon said...

pain or not.... i scaree!

Steve HANG said...

according to elimS Chuang,
his experience told us,
at the 1st stage, only blood checking is necessary. only 10ml blood needed. =)

if only when the marrow type matched the patient 1, then only will be called the next stage.

Nowadays, its not painful as the stem cell can be extract from the donor using a high tech methodology called Aferesis.
then the bone marrow can be built up from the stem cells.
so not necessary need to suck the bone marrow directly from the donor. =)

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