Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Its time for something new

Dear Friends,

Amazingly, after a long time of not blogging, I kind of wanted to blog back, but with some help of course. Sometimes, I might still blog here, might not as well.

I started a personal blog - nicholashew.com and for work i manage a company blog as well. find out more here

Thats about it, just to update you all. Terima kasih atas jagaan, lol, take care & see you guys again.


protoss said...

elims, i hope you dont mind? haha

CH Voon said...

cool! new blog. new hope!

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

Sure protoss, want to thank you for supporting and accompanying so far~!!

Have not been very active like last time. Feel a bit regret but what to do? haha..

Wish you all the best too!

protoss said...

there is nothing to regret. park it there. no problem.

once in a while i personally check back to see interesting tips from you.

hope you can share some charity work in my blog as well. let more people know.

Anonymous said...

wat tat blog about ?
i'm blurred @.@

-stv hang

protoss said...

hi hang

nothing at the moment but if you interested to become a writer or already a writer, u can opt to put a few article there to get more reader.

how this usually works is, you get your readeer to read your post at my page, & my reader can read the rest of your work at your site.


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