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Back Dated : Malaysia Cameron Highland Trip (Day 1) 大马金马仑之旅 (第一天)

我欠的‘功课’真的太多太多了~ 不知什么时候才可以真正完成。。。 可能,需要请一位秘书~ 哈哈!
Sorry dear friends, have been very busy lately. Owed too much of the home work to be submitted. Perhaps, i need a personal secretary, anyone would love to apply for the job vacancy? lol..

1. Cameron Highland Map 金马仑的地图

8.8.2009 (Saturday) - 6.00 am, Depart from Home
1. At KTM Kepong Central 在甲洞火车站

2. At KL Central Railway Station 抵达吉隆玻火车总站

3. Organizer delivering welcoming speech 主办单位欢迎大家‘上贼船’~ (谭可欣)
第一道问题: “大家讨论一下,我们该去哪里?云顶,金马仑,升旗山还是。。。?

4. Talk till all slept... 说得喋喋不休,大家都睡嘟嘟不‘hiu’可欣。。。 (左-方宗良,右-庄光永)

8.8.2009 (Saturday) - 12.00 pm, arrive at Cameron Highland, lunch
5. Warm up warm up~ 温温暖先~ @@" (左-Bobby, 右-王宗煌)

6. Good afternoon meal, maybe we are too hungry.. 不错不错,‘家常便饭’~

7. Happiest moment is when taking photos~ 上镜的时候最开心~

8. 一个不够,再来~

9. 多多都拍不够的啦。。。又来!

8.8.2009 (Saturday) - 2.00 pm, Rose Valley
10. Er.. What Steve Hang thinking? Chin yen? 宗良在思索什么?镜源搞什么东东?

11. Wish peace~ 祈求大伯公保大家平平安安,尤其是可以帮忙带点桃花运哦~

12. 38 years? Haven Born~ 什么?38岁了?大过我们全部!老到头都秃了呢~ @@"

13. Little boy, what you are trying to do? 小弟弟,你在做什么? (Louis)

14. Love is blind~ 爱情是盲目的? (成贵)

15. Wa.. No molest! 性骚扰!所以说,女人别穿太暴露! >.<"
16. All caught in cameras! 全都拍到了, 你们完蛋了!

17. Under one roof 同一屋园下

18. Dun try bully us, we got big sister big 大姐大! (卢秀萍)

19. Replay the youngster game 忆'童年'~ (左-黄世隆,右-张继升Ahsing)

20. lol!!??!! (庄光豪)

21. "Wei.. Dun close my eye~" (池桂璇)

22. Ya, good example, when you dun know anything, must ask! 对了,有问题就要举手不耻下问~ 哈哈! (Sim Keok)

23. Posing~ ‘兰有型’ (Bruce 李夏震)

24. Girl is pretties when full of love~ 幸福的女人最漂亮 (左-卢镜源, 右-吴洁慧)

25. Hai, cikgu, ini untuk budak la~ 反面教材,麽多车不要骑快快~

26. Whose hand??!! 爱国?拿。。。(猜猜谁的手)

27. Beauty just like a flower, is won't last long. 美丽就如花朵,难得持久。还是靠实力、魅力及诱人的能力最可靠! >.<" (戴芷芸)
8.8.2009 (Saturday) - 3.00 pm, Tea Garden
28. Cheap employed driver without license! haha~ 新聘请无驾驶牌的廉价司机~ (庄光永)

29. "Not sure why, today feel stress and worried." “突然不知何故感到有些忧虑、紧张。。。”

30. "I think i know the reason" “我想我知道为什么了~” @@"

31. Yeah, time for photo again! 耶,拍照拍照!

32. Wow, so smart go to take photo without tell us...TT 厉害,有那么漂亮的镜头都不跟我们说。。 (右1-Jocerlyn, 右2-楚茵)

33. Romeo & Juliet? 可能可以考虑在这里拍爱情专辑哦~

34. Wow, 'suddenly' so good in posing? Got adviser? 你还以为你是茶园老板嚒~ @@"

8.8.2009 (Saturday) - 4.00 pm, Visiting Bee Farm
35. This plane is dedicated for those who absent at last minutes~ lol.. 这张照片献给那些‘放飞机’的朋友!哈哈~ (卓义宏Ah Toh)

36. 'Enemy Spotted' (By bees)

37. The idea of phone design origin from this kind of flower? 早期电话的设计或许和这种花息息相关!

38. Let me get the fish! 让我把那条鱼捉上来for今晚的火锅!

39. Yeah, from time to time, photo come first! 拍照集团,去到哪,拍到哪~

8.8.2009 (Saturday) - 7.00 pm, Dinner Steamboat

For your info, all the vegetables were bought freshly on Cameron Highland.

Ya, we booked two apartments at Royal Lily.

40. All ready in 3..2...1... 吃前一直拍,买马一定开!

41. Welcome New Members, lets look for more new victims! 欢迎新会员加入黑党,共同继续寻找受害者! ^^

8.8.2009 (Saturday) - 11.00 pm, Questions and Answers Game

This is a test game created by me~ hehe~ 大家都是白老鼠~

First, everyone is given a A4 paper, and asked to write down 3 questions. 大家将会被分发一张纸,然后必须写上3道问题,完后收集起来。

The game start with someone pick a paper randomly, and need to answer any 2 questions. One more question will be passed on to someone he want him/her to answer. 游戏开始时,某人随意抽一张问卷,然后必须回答2道问题,再将最后一道问题交给他心中想要的人来回答。

And the process continue.. 以此类推...

42. Ahhhaa~ you are the lucky one~ 幸运的人将会拿到幸运的号码~

43. Just like him~ 就像他~

44. Good questions (Click to enlarge) 好问题!难以启齿,有口难言~ 哈哈!(颜金胜)

9.8.2009 (Sunday) - 2.00 am, Poster Design

This idea originated by Bruce Lee Xia Sheng.

45. Crayon & Mahjong paper provided. 准备蜡笔及麻将纸。

46. Discuss and come out with something. 看大家如何无中生有~

47. You draw a bit, i draw a bit.. 一人画一点,看看最后变成什么脸~

48. So late still need to use brain... really kind of torture activity.. TT 那么夜了,还要绞尽脑汁。。。最后真的会汁尽人亡的~

49. From nothing to something, good good! 可以看到有一点像样了~

After 2 hours hard work.. yeah, done~ 2小时后完成了~

50. Poster 1 - The process of Cameron Trip
海报1 - 金马路的旅程

52. Poster 2 - Hunting trip? Yingyang?
海报2 - 狩猎之旅? 阴阳? 你明白他们在画什么吗?太深奥了吧。。。

53. Poster 3 - Rainbow life, because of you and me~ All participant's name written on the fingers.
海报3 - 彩虹人生须由我们一起来打造~ 每个手指都刻有每个人的名字哦~


Wow.. This write up taken my 4 hours time. 哗,用了4小时剪接~ 哈哈!

Although i not sure who exactly, but i know there are people keep visiting here!

Thanks for coming and supporting! 谢谢你的徘徊,期待及支持!


With Love,
elims Chuang 光宏


~Elaine Tam~ said...

Funny post.....enjoying reading the captions of the photos so much~ kekekekek!

kenwooi said...

cameron highlands.. a great cooling place to be..
the last time i went there was in 2006.. haha.. =D

Gabriel said... happening! i am going to the cameron as well tomorrow for a camp. hehe...thank you for sharing. :)

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

~Elaine Tam~, Thanks for your compliment~ I enjoy writing too~ ^^

kenwooi, ya, i have not been to Cameron for few years too~ really a nice place!

Gabriel, wao~ A camp? what type of camp? ^^

Neles said... long already only post? But syiok la...

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