Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kepong Golden Days Kopitiam 金年华

This is my father best friend's son restaurant... All so young become boss jor. TT

-Restaurant Golden Days Kopitiam-
Bandar Manjarala Kepong

Front view

Next to Cosway...

Opposite of 99 SpeedMart

Inside of the restaurant, quite clean..

Pork pork come with salted fish, you will like this if you love to eat salty food..haha..

Combination of brinjal, long bean, lady fingers, 4角豆 (not sure how to say in English, someone help? haha..). This is one my favorite dish because it contains 3 types of vegetable which is my love!

Fried Sotong with butter. 奶油苏东~ 香!

Through writing this blog, only i found that the Pork pork was given FREE for us!!

They are doing for catering or birthday and buffet party...

Overall (Full = 10)
Food Delicious: 8 (like house food, like it)
Environment: 8 (clean)
Service: 7.5 (can be improved the speed of serving)
Price: 7 (if cheaper better..haha..)

Conclusion: Recommended

p/s: protoss, thanks edited. =)

With Love,
elims Chuang

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