Monday, January 12, 2009

Closure of MD Kids Club in Year 2009

Economy Tsunami is coming... and has come.. Just Malaysia, as a "small" country not YET feeling the effect..haha..

Quite shock when see this happening in a International Well-Systematic Company...

Closure of MD's Kids Club!!!

Maybe this is a small issue for you, but not me as a "big kids" here..

This is what we have and proud of...
Kids Club membership card, and the free small size fries every time we buy food exceed RM 5. Alternatively you can get a ice-cream. (In year 2007, customer just need to buy RM 3 to get the fries and ice-cream for free)

So that mean according to the rules, you are no longer getting any benefit after the expiry date of your card, or the latest till 31 December 2009.


Maybe, it is good cause of this club shut down, the fun in MD reduce, and the kids feel not so exciting going to MD, overall can become healthier? Positive thinking ya? haha..


What can do?

Nvm... To counter the economy crisis... after you buy any drink in MD, just bring it along to anywhere you go... like this... @_@"
At least the soft-drink is still refillable at this moment! Fast fast go and grab the benefit before it is announced STOP one day.. haha..

With Love,
elims Chuang

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