Sunday, November 28, 2010

Restaurant Pho Hoa Noodle Soup

Friday night, should be the happiest night, especially like those who not working on Saturday.

It's also a good time to hunt for some delicious food.

We went around and stopped at Desa Parkcity, a well-known place to dream by girl.

Someone passed us the discount voucher.
We have never been to any Vietnamese Restaurant so far. So we just decided to try it out, Pho-Hoa Restaurant.

Through Google translator, Pho - 河粉 Hoa - 花. Anyone knows the meaning behind the name?

The restaurant's front view

The signboard

The main entrance

The peaceful seating atmosphere, suitable for family and business I suppose.

One of the most important attraction for young

A warm family portrait is displayed at the corner.

Yellowish lighting makes the environment even more comfortable
Here were what we ordered~

'hot & sour'

'chicken pho'

'vietnamese egg cakes'
Comment: very delicious, recommended!

'vietnamese lemon grass chicken'
Comment: some sort like satay, but eat with chewing the lemon grass.

Bean sprout and some vegetables are separated from the main dishes, perhaps due to some people don't like it.
Hui kit can't each much...

So, his 'stars' awaits~

Bill after discounted~

Contacts and other branches info.
The Vietnamese food tastes so original & unique, not salty and oily, suitable for those who looking for healthy food. ^^
Overall rating:
Delicious : 8/10
Speed of serving 上桌速度: 7/10
Price 价钱比例 : 8/10
Cleanliness 整洁指数 : 9.5/1o

Will bring family to have a try next time~ ^^

With Love,
elims Chuang

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Qnie said...

在甲洞的metro prima有一间“必定”越南小吃店。便宜又好吃。就在murni cafe正对面的那条街。。。

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