Thursday, October 7, 2010

Genting Ria Apartment Selangor Tower Complain Letter

Salley Chew
Block B, 14th Floor No 416,
Ria Apartment,
Selangor Tower,
Genting Highlands Resort 69000.
Tel: 03-6101 1424
Hp: 017-212 2618


Re: Report of Items Stolen at your Ria Apartment

We are writing this letter to draw your kind attention on the case that happened dated 26 September 2010 (Sunday) at Ria Apartment Selangor Unit, Genting Highlands.

2. A group of 23 of us went up to Genting on 25 September 2010 for gathering, and booked your Ria Selangor Apartment as our accommodation since this place allows us to house large group of people, and it provides kitchen facilities for us to cook our steamboat dinner. We booked through agent, Mr Steven Kam Yeow Kuen, 012-2609018. We were given 2 rooms numbered 17411 and 8xxx, we checked in at 1pm.

3. At about 2pm, suddenly an Indian man walked into our room 17411, declaring himself a police man on duty, asking us not to make too loud noise. We wonder if Ria Apartment’s management is aware of this practice.

4. On 26 September 2010, at 8.00 am, to our surprised we discover our belongings lost: 1 Laptop, 3 mobile phones, cash money RM 1630.

5. We went to the security, we were shown the record book where our room was identified as the unit without lock. For your info, they have listed all rooms that were not locked. This kind of documentation really shocked us, few doubts arise:

i. They check one by one of every room for what purpose?
ii. Why do they do that list out all the unlock rooms? Later we met Mr. Andy, Manager of Security, he explained that they carried out the check on rooms, and submitted the report to management as per requested. Is it true?
iii. Do they have the right to do so? We were told by the security that they did the checking at 5am. Why didn’t they wake us up to lock the door?
iv. We asked for the record of the CCTV camera but were told that it was ‘not active’. Two security personnel further explained that the CCTV camera was only turned on whenever there are VIPs or special guests around. We feel that it is injustice to switch on your CCT when you have only VIP around. Other than VIPs, we are also your valued customers and we should be given the same benefit in term of security by your management.

6. We are curious how your security works. We are quite sure that we are not the only victims reported or not reported to your management.

7. We are very disappointed with your weak security and poor management. We sincerely request your urgent attention and investigation. We appreciate if you could let us have the outcome of your investigation as sooner as possible. Your quick move to act on this matter is much appreciated. We lodged police report, attached for your reference.

Thank you.

Yours truly,
Chuang Kuang Hong

1. Director/General Manager
Genting Malaysia Berhad
24th Floor, Wisma Genting, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
E-mail :
Tel: 03-2178 2288/2233
Fax: 03-2161 5304

2. Mr Lim Eng Ming
Senior Vice President of Genting Malaysia Berhad – Casino & Security Operation

3. Tun Mohammed Hanif B Omar
Deputy Chairman of Genting Malaysia Berhad

19/10/2010, Just
received an email from Tun Mohammaed Hanif B Omar, to put Genting Management out of any responsibility from this case...

Dear Mr Chuang
Your letter to the management office of Selangor Tower of Ria Apartment regarding an incident on 26 Sept, 2010 at the apartment was copied to me as Deputy Chairman of Genting Malaysia Bhd (GENM).

I regret to say that the Ria Apartment’s security is separate from GENM security and you are right to deal with the Ria Apartment Management office and the police, on this matter. GENM has nothing to do with it.

Tun Mohammed Hanif b Omar


CH Voon said...

feel sorry to hear this news.

for sure, i will tell my friends that Dont book any rooms from Ria apartment.....

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Very unfortunate of you guys... The person incharge better respond and fix the security flaws ASAP >"<

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

Dear CH Voon,
Ya, we put on this so that more people know about this, including foreigner. =)

Dear cHrIstInA_YY,
No matter management/security also got problem. We eager to see how they work out to improve the situation.

Anonymous said...

Haha, alot more bout Ria and Kayangan~

cheetheng said...

like what lucciano becchio said, Fucking Unbelievable.

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

Lol, we are still waiting for their kind response. At the same time, we are preparing few ways to help them 'promoting' their tourism industry.

Anonymous said...

One time my cousin was robbed in genting, thank for sharing! I will take note on this matter.

Anonymous said...

suoer very bad luck ,wont book the Ria apartment again!

Shown said...

well... I guess complain is a good start, hope they fix the security issue.
Now what we can do is spread the news out, share the problem, prevent visitor book the same hotel again.

Jennie said...


Anonymous said...
with copyright since 2009. ur incident happened in 2010. look at the details . odd. sounds like scam. your blog should appear in the google search at the top, but i found your blog after few number of next-pages. very detailed complaint and informative.

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