Sunday, June 6, 2010

Recycle Diapers 纸尿片再循环

各位盼好!Dear All,

Long time no see again! Thanks all for your kind concern. Sincerely apologize for not replying your message. I am always fine and happy here~ Wish you all the same too~

虽然生活充满着许多变数,但我依然还侥幸的存在着~ 哈哈!

This time i would love to share some tips for papa mama that like to 这一次想和各位为人父母分享一些小贴士,希望可以帮助到大家:
1. save money 省钱
2. environmentally caring 爱护环境
3. make life easier 将生活简单化


Here we start:

You need to have 需要准备:
1. Used diaper / pampers 用过的纸尿片
2. Lampin 尿布

1. You have to clean the fillers inside the used diapers, after that dry it under sun. 首先必须将用过的纸尿片里吸水的物质清理,然后晒干。

2. Lampin 这是尿布

3. Ready 准备~

4. Fold into two 对面折

5. Fold again 再对折

6. Fold smaller and smaller 再折

7. Fold till so small 折到这么小片

8. Put at side 排好放着

9. Open the cleaned diaper 将清理过的纸尿片打开

10. Pull out the inner part 翻出来

11. Put in the folded lampin 将折好的尿布塞进纸尿片

12. put whole lampin in the used diaper 将整条尿布置入纸尿片内

13. Make it neat 整理一下

14. Done! 完成了,多简单!

One of the big advantage is the tedious job of cleaning baby shit will be fast and easy. 其中之一最大好处就是宝宝大便后不需很辛苦的刷尿布,因为大便都被纸尿片挡住了, 哈哈~

With Love 因为爱,
elims Chuang 光宏


cHrIstInA_YY said...

Thanks very creative of you or your wife? Hehe~

CH Voon said...

welcome back!

mmm i wonder it will use more water or not?

beside water, your wife will more tired? she is working or not?

it is good to save money and environmentally friendly.

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

Dear Christina,

surely is my wife idea, she put lot time and love to bring that 'lucky guy'~ so got lot idea to make life easier, i would share if time come~ When your big day christina?

Dear CH Voon,

Thanks thanks~ Notice u have been a very caring person to the people and things around. I guess I am one of the lucky guy as your friend too. :p

Wish to congrat you for Sibu's by-election winning that day! Is a proud not only for Sarawakian, but Malaysian~ Wish the spirit would able to retain till next general election.

Back to your question. I think the usage of water sure would be more since it involve cleaning, while if you use the new one just throw it straight away. A good thing is this method will not increase the amount of disposal.

Ya, with this you need to spend extra time to clean the lampin. She is full-time housewife now. While doing some part-time account work.

She is truly very environmentally caring lady, always think for ways to reduce the wastes and bad impact towards the earth. ^^

Ameline Ser 徐慧庭 said...

good idea...thanks for sharing

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