Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hygiene Services

Hi guys, should your office need any of such services please kindly contact me.

Sanicare Unit - The hygienic and discreet answer to sanitary towels disposal.

Sanitizer Unit - Offers 24 hours protection on all Urinal and W.C flushed surfaces by dispensing bactericide, deodorizer and detergent compound into the flush water.

Air Freshener - A specially developed rapid flow system for perfume emission.

Aerosol Dispenser - Guarantees air treatment 24 hours a day.

Soap Dispenser - A Push-Button Hand Soap Dispenser (Cartridge System)

Hand Sanitizer - Sanitizes hands and fingers especially problems caused by bacteria, fungi and micro-organisms.

Floor Mat - Optimum matting system to efficiently stop dirt, grim and moisture at your door front.

Jumbo Roll Dispenser - Keeps the toilet tissue dry and convenient to use.

C-Fold Towel Dispenser - Disposes paper towels conveniently.

A clean enviroment is vital for employee morale and visitors reputation. Lately due to H1N1 virus, our hand sanitizer is best selling product - just rub on your hand and few seconds it will dry off, no need washing. Many have start to install at lifts, lobby, pantry and entrance of their office. Even college !

Please keep our enviroment clean. Thank you

Special thanks to elims for the marketing permission. Smile !


protoss said...

elims - i got a customer take my sanitizer on a regular basis. she said she use it before she handle the baby and use it especially before preparing baby milk & after changing baby diaper

maybe she too scare already. or maybe she and her baby should have more 'natural' feel, we dont have all these thing last time.

anyway just to let u know. maybe u are interested in becoming my 2nd customer. lol


elims Chuang 光宏 said...

hi dear~

thanks for your info and offer, due to some reason, i very less use this kind of things.

You may upload the photo so that people would know better ma.. illustration always impressed better than word and can be remembered longer ma~

Cheerrrrss~ smile~ ^_^

~dolly~ said...

ok.. honestly, i dont really understand your latest post. T__T

This advertorail something ar?

protoss said...

elims - no problem. sadly no picture. will think about it

dolly - ya kind of marketing. stuff that my company offered

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