Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby Not Yet Delivered 他还没出来~

Since too many concerning calls, messages, msns, etc received..I think it is my duty here to inform you that the baby has yet delivered~
由于接到许多关心问候的电话,信息等。。。 我想我该在这里和大家交代一下 - 他那小家伙还‘不舍得’出来~ @@"

Taken by 拍摄于 14/6/09

Due date should be 7/6/09. Already late for about 1 week time. The next medical check up schedule on 17/6/09 (Wednesday). She will undergo Birth Induction if the baby is yet come out today/tomorrow. Need to force him out le~
7/6/09就应该生了的,迟了整整一星期。 下一次产检就在这星期三。若他还没在这一两天出来,我们也只好用逼的了~ (可能他睡得太爽了吧~看来和爸爸一样是个好吃懒做的瓜。 哈哈!)

No worry, he is still moving everyday. His status is verified as healthy last week, Wednesday. He was sleeping at that time till waken up by the nurse, that is something really funny about. haha~

About the English name vote between Zack/Jeffrey. As it is too close and we face difficulty to make the decision. To date, we would like to give the final choose to him after he coming to this world. We will write the 'ZACK' & 'JEFFREY' at A4 paper, see which one he goes to, agree?

Everyone waiting,
everyone watching, everyone standbying.

Appreciate for your concern.

We will post up the good news once that naughty boy is out~


With Love,
elims Chuang 光宏

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