Monday, December 8, 2008

Customer Service

Today we want to discuss about customer service nightmare

Case 1

A famous company in PJ, the receptionist failed to know each & everyone extension nor being helpful to the maximum. Those are the people who are paid to warm up the chair from 9 to 6. Those are people who leach company and country resources.

Their good reply was:

the company is too big, i dont know the extention to the dept, only the person

& yet another minute they tell you, there are too many staff turnover in the company, the extension list is outdated.

& when they cant assist you, all they do is sit down there and look at you

good game to noob. the company starts with N


Case 2

A medium listed company in Sri Kembangan, I was lost, the receptionist is super helpful, reassure me its fine and dont worry. when i reach, i was greeted like a customer, even though i am a supplier, bring shown to the meeting room, being offered a very good coffee or tea and tell me the person will be down in a minute

the only thing that touch my heart was. the person is handicapped naturally, he was limping as he is walking, & he has a look of retarded people, though his speech is slow, he was polite. and his smile is genuine from heart. The company start from K


How can a person like that serve me like a king while a normal person who have everything treat me disrespectfull??

The next time i open my own company, i will put people who can accomplish thing. not people who 'for display only'


Case 3

my gf pc kong. i send to a shop in subang parade. when i walked in i wasnt being greeted at all. his assistanst turn on my pc and dont know what is the problem therefore he asked the boss(who never bother look properly) - tell me its rm 50 for format from far

i was furious and i said. its not about the charges, would you come here and take a look at the problem before u open your mouth?

he came without apologize, take a look and said. oh this, reinstall everything, and still rm 50

i said fine. thank you and walk out. neverthe less, he failed to give me confidence to put my pc there. and understandably he did not get my business

if u have greeted me, acknowledge my presense as a customer, check my pc properly before saying noob thing, tell me whats wrong with my pc, how u solve it, how long to solve it when expected can take back. and lastly tell me the charges is 50 - and EVEN if the charges is rm 60 i would pay u!

for u have show me the confidence that u can handle my pc !! but the noob shop has lost a rm 50 business & long term business

Instead of throwing my pc out of your shop, i rather kick your butt out...

Good game to good customer service.


Jiruri said...

very important subject huh... to me too.. hopefully there are no customer or supplier who complaint bout my customer service! haha

❤oms❤Ψ said...


Angsana said...

Hey! Good on you! I am in the service business,too and I make sure that every customer I serve leaves the shop satisfied if not, have all his/her questions answered to the best of my ability. And I always make sure I have extra time for people who are a little slow.

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