Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Organic Veggie Garden at Home - by my mom ^_^

I enjoy home veggie gardening which I picked up when I was in primary school. my school provided a small corner for pupils to grow vegetables. I remembered a few of my classmates went to collect pig's dropping for fertilizer. When harvesting, marks were given according to the weight & kinds of veggie. It was a satisfactory hobby, not only gaining the knowledge of gardening, I could have my own grown veggies on dinner table.

Nowadays, many vegetables from market are not safe to consume, they contain excess of insecticide & pesticide which are harmful to our body. If using artificial fertilizer for long time, organisms in soil are killed, the soil is spoiled. Healthy soil yield healthy food.

I had a small piece of land beside my house, I grow veggies like kangkong, bayam, long bean, petola, bittergourd, lettuce, bai chai, chai sin, ladyfingers, eggplant. Sometimes sweet potatoes and ginger are grown, these plants take about 4 months and nine months respectively.

Usually, I dig a hole, dump the kitchen food waste to the hole and cover with soil.
OR I use an empty paint-tong, make few holes at its bottom, fill with used top soil to about 1/3 tong and then dump the kitchen waste in till the tong is full, put soil on top and cover the tong .
It takes about 4 months, this compost is fertilizer. The water for soaking mushroom is good for compost and soil.

Organic veggies are expensive in market. This home gardening is enjoying, money saving , provide veggies instantly & good exercise for me.
For leafy veggies, I usually grow 2 to 3 types at a time, so I have different dishes.

Here are some photos of my garden.

Flower of long bean

Black bean

Flowers of bitter gourd. Pollen grains on left and stigma on the right flower.

Bitter gourd.


Hiangling (My mom.. hehe..)


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